Restaurant Week 2014: Cafe Spiaggia

Cafe Spiaggia Restaurant Week menu

Cafe Spiaggia Restaurant Week menu

Although I’ve never been to the full Spiaggia restaurant, its younger sibling restaurant Cafe Spiaggia is my go-to Italian restaurant in Chicago. The food is always well-executed, and of the half dozen-plus times I’ve visited, I’ve never had a bad dish there.¬† Continue reading


Review: Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Mindy's Hot Chocolate

I’m always looking for a good burger and a good dessert, and I’ve read excellent reviews of both at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate. In particular, Mindy Segal is known for being one of the best pastry chefs in Chicago, perhaps even the¬†entire country, so I’ve been meaning to make my way out to her Bucktown restaurant for quite some time. I enjoyed my meal there during Restaurant Week, so I planned a couple additional return trips later in the year. Continue reading

Review: Arami



The few pieces of sushi that I ate at Arami were the best sushi I’ve had. While the sushi is certainly more expensive than many places in Chicago, the quality is worth the high price tag. Arami focuses on pristine fish and carefully chosen flavor combinations instead of the overstuffed messes of rolls that some sushi restaurants offer.

Zuke sake nigiri - Norwegian salmon, soy marinated

Zuke sake nigiri – Norwegian salmon, soy marinated

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REVIEW: Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

Dee Snider's Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

My first introduction to Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale was at the Broadway In Chicago summer preview concert – although the premise sounded a little questionable, Dee Snider’s energy made me cautiously optimistic about the musical’s prospects. The first night of previews, however, dashed those hopes, and the opening night did not go nearly far enough to make up for that. Continue reading