Nine Broadway Haiku for 2015


The curse of being a perfectionist is that, unless harsh deadlines are imposed, things are rarely finished. Therefore, my 2016 New Year’s resolution will to post reviews more frequently, starting with reviews for the nine shows I saw on Broadway in 2015. Until then, however, I will leave a few brief words on my initial reactions to each show, just for fun, in the order in which I saw them.

It’s Only a Play
Broadway name-dropping
Martin Short, Stockard Channing,
Matthew Broderick

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
JCM Hedwig
Lift up your hands – oh, the feels
Hall earned her Tony

No Idina? No!
Rapp, LaChanze, Burns, cast – worth it
A new musical

The Book of Mormon
Seventh time at show
Gavin Creel, not Nic Rouleau?
Love his sassy Price

The King and I
Costumes, child’ren, ship
O’Hara and Miles – Tonys!
Yay Asians on stage

Spring Awakening
25 debuts
Raw, honest, real, bold Deaf West

Explosive, brilliant
Lin and the cast are non-stop
This is our hist’ry

Fun Home
Understated gold
Sydney Lucas is a star.
Ring of Keys – the feels!

Something Rotten!
Flashy but heartfelt
Why I love musicals so
Not rotten at all


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